Japanese Language Class for Adult


協同システム パサデナ学園

Japanese Language Class for Adult


Summer 2019 Classes

July. 13, 2019 ~ Sep. 28, 2019 (No class on Aug. 31)

1.5 hours x 10 weeks


                     Beginner I               9:00am~10:30am

             Beginner II        10:45am~12:15pm

                     Intermediate      9:00am~10:30am

                     Advance          10:45am~12:15pm


The class schedule may be changed without prior notice

Minimum 5 students needed to open and keep a class.

Registration fee: $50.00 (one-time fee)

     Tuition:    $220.00  1st  session

                          $210.00  2nd  session

                          $200.00  3rd  session

                               $200.00  4th  session     

———Private lessons are also available ——-

Neighborhood Church

    301 N. Orange Grove Ave. Pasadena, CA 91103


   For more information, please call our administration office at (213)383-4706.

e-mail: office@kyodosystem.org