A.Along with teaching Japanese as a second language, we want to provide students with a broad introduction to Japanese culture which forms the background for the language.
We also want to nurture students into balanced, international people who can speak fluently the living Japanese language and have a deep understanding of Japanese culture.

A.You can register for one of our schools any time before the new school year starts in July every year. You can also register any time during the school year. You are required to submit registration form and other necessary documents.

A.All schools have an open house at the beginning of June every year. It is good opportunity to learn about the classes and the school.
In addition, your children can visit any time on any Saturday of the year whenever we have classes. We also have a free trial by sitting in the actual classes for one day (Reservation is required).

A.Our 4 schools have basically the same divisions such as introductory, elementary, Jr High and High. You can choose any school based on your preference.

A.Different from Japanese school in which four main subjects are taught, we focus on the Japanese language. Students not only learn how to read and to write, but also how to express their opinion in writing and in speaking. Students become more familiar with communicable contemporary Japanese through main events like the speech contest in March every year.

A.In introductory, and elementary divisions, a series of “Easy Japanese” are used in classes. In beginner classes, Video and CD are often used. In elementary advanced, Jr. High, and High divisions, newly developed educational materials in Japan are used.

A.In the past 4 years, they went to UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego and UC universities in the US.
Some students went to Waseda Univ., Sophia Univ., Asia Pacific Univ. and other Universities in Japan.